Enlarged Breast in Men (Gynecomastia)

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Gynecomastia (GM) is characterized by enlargement of the male breast, caused by proliferation of breast tissue and fat deposition. GM is common and occurs in adolescents, adults and in old age. A hormonal imbalance between estrogens and androgens is the key element in the generation of GM. Other possible cause of GM are physiological factors, endocrine tumors, certain medications and idiopathic causes. GM may cause significant psychological stress, embarrassment and depression in adolescents. 

Therefore, a patient-specific tailored therapeutic approach is helpful. Weight loss and pharmacotherapy with tamoxifen to block the effects of estrogens in the body can reduce the size of the breasts in adolescents. For long-standing GM, the best results are generally achieved through surgery, combining liposuction and mammary gland removal.  If the GM is caused by excess fatty tissue, then the appropriate gynecomastia treatment option which surgeon recommends is liposuction procedure that reduces the excess fat. During the liposuction surgery, the localized fatty deposits are removed from the body. As a result, the enlarged breasts sculpted into perfect contours. If the GM is caused by a glandular tissue (actual breast tissue) proliferation, surgical removal of the excess breast tissue is recommended because liposuction alone is not a proper option to fulfill the desired results. The surgeon removes the excess glandular tissue, fatty deposits, and skin from the breasts. After the recovery from gynecomastia surgery or breast reduction surgery, you can live with a perfectly contoured shape that enhances your self-confidence.

Latest noninvasive fat reduction technology achieves a substantial fat reduction by destroying excess fat cells in the breast tissue using thermal energy.  

At Soho Men’s Health, our staff will provide you a personalized environment so that you can feel comfortable to explain your desired goals and expectations during the initial consultation of the gynecomastia.

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