Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is characterized by ejaculation that occurs either with minimal sexual stimulation before or shortly after penetration, or before the person desires it to happen. PE is not always cause for concern, however it can make sex frustrating and lead to psychological distress. Although many men are reluctant to discuss PE with their doctor, it is actually a common problem that can be easily and effectively treated. 

Did You Know?

About 1 in every 3 American men from the ages of 18-59 have problems with premature ejaculation. Although PE is generally attributed to psychological factors, there can also be biological factors at play. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What causes premature ejaculation?

The exact cause of premature ejaculation is not known, however there are a few factors that can be involved, such as: 

  • Psychological issues (ex: depression, stress, guilt)
  • Low amounts of serotonin (shortens the time to ejaculation)
  • Age (older men tend to ejaculate sooner)

How is premature ejaculation diagnosed at SoHo Men’s Health?

At SoHo Men’s Health, Dr. Bortecen will start by asking you about your symptoms. He will then perform a physical exam. In most cases, a diagnosis of PE can be made after talking with you about your symptoms. 

What treatment options are available for premature ejaculation?

Treatment options for premature ejaculation are aimed at increasing the ejaculation latency time, improve the ability to control when ejaculation occurs, and to enhance sexual satisfaction. Depending on your individual case, treatment for PE can take the form of psychological therapy, prescription drugs, or the use of numbing creams/sprays.

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