Skin Bleaching

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Anal Bleaching: $750 | Includes 2 Treatments

Genital Bleaching: $750 | Includes 2 Treatments

Inner Thigh Bleaching: $750 | Includes 2 Treatments

Butt Skin Care

Chemical Peel for Butt Cheeks: $300

Microneedling for Butt Cheeks: $550

Microneedling + PRP: $900

Intimate Skin Package (Bleaching + Peel + Microneedling): $1,400

After Treatment For Skin Bleaching

After your treatment, our physicians will provide post-instructions to help with any side effects that may occur during your recovery. For prescription-bleaching creams, our doctors will advise you on how to use the creams and the recommended periods for use. Treatment with prescription creams can last between three to four months.

For laser skin lightening, the process can take up to two weeks to recover from, and it’s common for the skin to be red and swollen for a few days. Our doctors will provide post-treatment instructions to care for your symptoms to prevent infection and scarring, including how to wash and cleanse the areas for proper healing.

If you’re interested in learning more about skin bleaching treatments, our physicians at SoHo Men’s Health can help. We can improve your confidence, help maintain your appearance, and care for your health through various treatment options. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment and see the difference in our care.

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