Musculoskeletal Chronic Pain and Aging

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Building core strength reduces back pain.

Abdominal muscles are essential for core stability and proper alignment of the spine. Building core strength is essential to prevent back injuries. People with chronic back pain, both upper and lower back, usually suffer from weak core strength. 

Core muscles include front abdominal muscles called the rectus abdominis, muscles along the sides called the internal and external obliques, deeper layer muscles called the transverse abdominal, and the back muscles called the erector spinae and multifidi. The core also includes the diaphragm, muscles of the pelvic floor, hip flexors, and gluteal muscles.

All these muscles groups are responsible for the core stability and the spine alignment. People with weak abdominal muscles tend to strain their back muscles easily. 

Back muscles work harder to keep the spine aligned to compensate a weak core. This overutilization of back muscles is the main reason for back injuries and chronic back pain.

At Soho Men’s Health, our comprehensive ‘core to floor’ treatment plan is designed to strengthen the weakened core and pelvic muscles using a cutting-edge technology, EMSculpt and EMSella devices, to alleviate chronic back pain problems and improve quality of life.

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