Anorectal Health Overview

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For many people, anorectal disorders such as hemorrhoids, fistulas, abscesses, fissures, skin tags, stool incontinence are a source of discomfort, pain, embarrassment and worry. With prompt treatment and certain lifestyle modifications, these conditions can be treated. It is important to speak with a doctor as soon as symptoms develop so the condition does not get worse, or progress to more serious problems.

Many people are reluctant or embarrassed to see their doctors about anorectal disorders, but it is a critical step to maintaining good health. Diseases, such as colon or anal cancer, have symptoms that can be mistaken for those of less serious anorectal disorders, such as hemorrhoids or fissures. Only a physician can make an accurate diagnosis of what is causing the symptoms. At Soho Men’s Health, we provide medical care to help you maintain the best possible anorectal health.

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