Underarm Sweat Reduction with MiraDry

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Hyperhidrosis, also known as excessive sweating, affects nearly 3% of all Americans. Excessive sweating can negatively affect someone’s confidence, relationships, and ability to interact in social situations comfortably. MiraDry works by destroying sweat glands located under the armpits. The treatment has been shown to reduce excessive underarm sweating and odor by more than 80% by providing controlled energy to specific areas beneath the underarm skin to deactivate the sweat glands. By delivering electromagnetic energy with the utmost precision, a MiraDry procedure permanently disables and eliminates only the targeted glands, while the surrounding areas and layers of tissue are protected. And, because underarm sweat glands do not grow back, most patients not only experience a significant reduction in the amount of sweat following treatment, but they also enjoy the comfort of long-lasting results of care.

Treatment with MiraDry is performed as an in-office procedure. Since there are no surgical incisions involved, there is little to no downtime except for local soreness or symptoms that will typically resolve within a short period of time. While the improvements after a single MiraDry treatment are dramatic and long-lasting, a second treatment a few months later may be recommended for the best outcome of care.

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